1. FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
    • How long have you been doing this for?
    Answer: About 3-4 months now, still new however learning quite quickly.
    • Why do female kuttes show up black or textures not show in OpenIV?
    Answer: OpenIV isn't as up to date as a model viewer. But can 100% guarantee everything will be working as I test everything before ever giving it to a Patron.
    • Do you sell Kutte/Clothing templates themselves?
    Answer: Nope
    • Why do you do this?
    Answer: Overall was fed up with hearing about people paying $400-$500 for in game clothing items that look like a 9 year old who just learned photoshop made them and got "creative".
    • What payments do you prefer?
    Answer: Paypal Only at the moment, maybe something else in the near future? Everything is essentially on the Tebex.
    • Do you do custom orders?
    Answer: Yes, with the package deal in the Tebex store I allow custom orders as well as custom made logo's with your approval as we'll be in 100% contact throughout the whole process of creating your clothing items. Prices will range as it is the more extensive process of creation. 
    • Is anything stolen?
    Answer: Hell no, NEVER. I don't do that sort of stuff. I only create custom textures for certain items for FiveM.  Send in Custom Kutte's if you want them edited from a package deal etc...
    • Can you make real life club patches?
    Answer: No, I do not make/edit and or promote the sales of real life 1%er/99%er kuttes/clothing. Highly advise against it.
    • What does Patron have compared to the regular role
    Answer: For starters you'll not only have a beautiful hot pink-ish name color in the discord with an outstandingly flashy "Patron" role above your name, but you'll also get official sneak peaks of certain projects that will be coming to the Tebex. 
    • How do I become a Patron?
    Answer: When you buy a package deal, or anything from the Tebex store, you'll be given the role. 
    • What exactly do you mean by future plans?
    Answer: ... Come on now. That'd defeat the whole purpose of becoming a Patron!!